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So the MacBook pro 13" high end model($1499) comes with the i7 processer and more memory. The 13" High end model of the MacBook air costs the same button put as much ram and the i7 processer it will cost more. I do a little video editing plus my HP G56 is broken. Which one is the better choice!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Hi K,


    The biggest differences:


    MBA has 256GB SSD (faster), while MBP has 750GB HD (larger) or add $400 for a 256GB SSD

    MBA costs $200 more with the i7 and 8GB RAM upgrade

    MBA has no optical drive; MBP does

    MBA has no Ethernet, nor Firewire; MBP has both

    MBA has 1440x900 display; MBP has only 1280x800

    MBA is more portable


    Only you can decide which of these is more important to you.