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Hi,  I just recieved my iPad 3 today. I've never used the Apple format before.  All of my recipes are in Microsoft Word all neatly organized, there are many... I mean a lifetime of them and I'm old!  I bought the iPad to use it in the kitchen and for the life of me I can't seem to figure out how to transfer my Word files to my iPad and put them in a document folder.  Can anyone help?  I sure would appreiciate it. 

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    There are no document folders in the iPad. Files and documents are saved within the app that is used to create, edit and view the corresponding files. You need an app that can read and edit Word files and you will be able to save the files within that app.


    You can email files, use DropBox or another cloud service, use iOS file sharing or use iCloud - if you use one of the Apple iWorks apps - in this case it would be Pages.


    There are MS Office compatible apps available in the app store like Quick Office Pro and Documents to Go. Take a look at those and see what you think.


    This is a link to Apple's word processing app - Pages

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    I would recommend converting the the documents to .PDF then using a app like DropBox to transfer them to your iPad.

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    You can use Apps like Quickoffice with File Sharing to import files from computer to iPad



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    There's another app called Documents to Go that opens and displays word documents very well. It also has a desktop sync that allows you to get documents on it without going through iTunes.

    Another document reader is Readdle Docs. It has an advantage that it allows for folders but it can have a bit more of a learning curve.


    I have both and I have hundreds of PDF"s and documents in Readdle, ,and hundreds of documents in Docs to Go, so they both work.

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    Install Dropbox for iPad ... This provides a file structure that you can save to.