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I have a Sony HDR-CX700V handycam. The footage format is AVCHD. I can download footage from this camera into iPhoto 9.3 on my Macbook (running Lion). I can also download into iMovie. And they all play (surprise!)


However, when I then try to do this on my iPad 3 (again iPhoto 9.3) the format no longer seems supported. I can transfer the files from my Macbook iPhoto version or transfer them directly via SD card into the iPad app, but they will no longer play.


The transfered files from the iPhoto on my Macbook are in .mov format. The ones downloaded direct via the SD card I presume are the usual .mts direct from the camera but maybe iPhoto 9.3 converts them on download (?)


Anyone have any suggestions on how I might be able to play these clips on the iPad without having to go through the conversion process 1st? Or do I need to wait for Apple to provide another update to fix this issue with the iPad app for iPhoto 9.3? I could be here a while I'm guessing...!