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Hi, I'm interested in suggested trouble-shooting and ideas to possibly get this iPad back in working condition.


It is a school owned iPad 2 that my Mom recieved for her classroom, so there was no original warranty.


She dropped it (I'm assuming from about 5 feet) on a concrete floor, and obviously cracked the glass screen. The drop also scratched up the top left corner and a small dent in the right.  She didn't want to pay the ridiculous apple price to get the screen fixed - so she went to a 3rd party screen repair.  The screen is now working, although the bottom left corner screen is slightly raised (I think they just did a bad job - going back to request a re-do)


So we're not sure when it started happening, but the Wi-Fi on the iPad literally will not work unless the iPad 2 is directly next to the router, maybe 2-3 feet away from it. 


I'm hoping that there is something cheap and simple I can do to improve the Wi-Fi reception without having to buy a new one.


Thanks so much to anybody who has suggestions.


iPad 2, iOS 5.1