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I'm working on an iBook on Propaganda in WW II and would like to include loads of videos.


The Internet Archive has a great collection:

Example: "Out of the Frying Pan Into the Firing Line (1942)" 



Most are in mp4 format.  I have tried bringing the mp4 into QT or iMovie and both seem to do about the same job of converting. Plus they increase file size by about 50%


Primary question

I'm targeting my iBook as a free resource for schools. File size is an issue for school iPads that might be 16 GB. Is there anyway to reduce file size, without losing quality? I saw some discussions about Compressor, but that seems to be designed for Final Cut Pro and I'm not a video expert.


Secondary question:

Is there any way to improve the quality of these old videos. Perhaps there are some settings I'm missing in QT or iMovie??


I'm an instructional design guy - not a video guy. Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated ... especially in  laymen's terms.



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