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I have one question about the Airport Express Wireless bridge function.


At the moment i have the following situation:


1. An existing Internet Access trough a Fritzbox 6360 Cable. This router also provides me the Wlan.

2. An LAN Device that i want to connect to the Wlan.

3. An AirPort Express N as device that i want to do with.


I have tried to connect the LAN Device to the AE and connect the AE in my WLAN.

The AE has a connection to my router but the Lan Device gets no internet. Wrong configured?


In the Ariport utility i have configured "connect to WLAN". At second try i have tried extend an existing WLAN...but thats not possible, the AE LED flashes orange and then it was not to find for the utility!


Can please help someone? Ist the AE wrong configured? Or maybe the FritzBox Router?


Best regards