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In iOS 5, push notifications can appear as banner and disappear after a few seconds. When user taps on the banner didReceiveRemoteNotification will be called.


If the banner has disappeared and the user sees that there is a badge number on the app, he will tap on the app icon to start the app. But no event will be fired, like the app is running in the background, how do I check that the app is brought to foreground and there has been a notification, and do the necessary?


How can i caught a notification when user taps app icon?? Not when he taps the notification itlself.


Some alternatives I thought are:

- Get apart the launchOptions.

- Get apart the userInfo.

- Know if there are notifications in the notification center and get them.

- Store the notifications in the dedicated server, and check on the device if the stored notifications on server, are readed on the device.


I find incredible that this feature isn't implemented by default! ... What's the point of having notifications, if when you open the app icon YOU DONT notice anything!


Greetings and thanks.