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I am considering purchasing a time capsule for our corporate network.  In my scenario, I would like to have our four iMac's backup (using Time Machine) to the Time Capsule over the existing ethernet connection that they have to our corporate network not over the wifi connection.  The iMac's are spread throughout the building so I cannot connect them to the ethernet ports on the time capsule and the distance would prevent at least one of the machines from seeing the wifi network.  I want to use the time capsule kind of like a NAS device by connecting it to our corporate network via the WAN port.  If we can use it to give mobile users access to the web via Wifi that are within range, great!  But, the primary function would be to use it as a backup network drive.  Is this possible? 


I've looked at NAS devices, they are all expensive and everyone of them seem to have issues with Time Machine Backups.  I don't want another high maintenance device on my network to baby sit.


(iMac's are running Snow Leopard or Lion)

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    I think you will find plenty of baby coddling required between TC and Lion.. but anyway.. you cannot easily use it connected by WAN.. I see no advantage to that, and just bridge the TC.. that will turn off dhcp (big no no in your LAN structure).. the TC will get an IP from the main router and function happily as backup device for the Mac's.


    Just turn off wireless.


    Everyone in the same LAN segment will have no issues finding the TC and backup via ethernet is no problem.


    But TC is really not designed for business use.. it is a home device really. It is slow and sealed .. no access to hard disk and no replacement parts.


    Synology and QNAP both make excellent NAS that work fine with TM.. yes, they will be behind Apple sudden changes to the AFP file protocol and so stop working but both companies have large installed base and can provide firmware updates fairly rapidly. They are also designed with service and maintenance in mind. ie you can replace power supply and hard disk if necessary instead of throwing the whole box away.

    And for the same capacity they are equally priced.. but better because they can have raid provision using two disks.