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We hv XServe (MAC OS X Server 10.5.8) with SAN attached. We shared folder "Cust" which other users map on their MAC as volume. I deleted "Cust" and recreated it. Now users dont see "Cust" but they see "Cust-1" instead. If I again delete and recreate it show "Cust-2". How do I get rid of these -1, -2 appears after "Cust"?

Xserver, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    My question in short: If you share folder, remove sharing and share again on Xserve is changing display name on other MAC.

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    When you create a volume, it gets a unique identifier (regardless of the name), so even though you've named your new share with the old name, your client Macs still see it as a new volume because the UID is new.


    You'll need to remove the old references on the client machines, then re-map.  How to go about that, I'm not sure - though it's likely hidden in the user account (caches, recent items, keychain, etc.)

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    Thanks Doug for reply... Atleast I got path from you answer. if any one else can guide me how to clear or remove old reference on client machines