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I bought recently (this week!) an PM G4 MDD 1.25DP with radeon 9000PRO, 1.25G of RAM, combo drive and two hard drives with 200 gigas both of them. This is my first Mac! I'm realy in love with it....

The PS is the Samsung one. Very quiet by the way.

I have read some of your helps on Apple forum and decided contact you because  some problems (or probably lacks of knowledge) about this wonderfull product.


The first one is:  in the morning when I try to start my G4, only after 30 or 40 attempt I get it. I push the power button so many times.... I pull away the power cord in same "so many times" until the Mac "wake up". After that it's work especially fine. I can shut down and restart the Mac unexceptionally.


The second one is: when I try to update the Leopard and when they ask me to reboot, the progressing bar showed never headway. But others updating, e.g. the Itunes, proceed like a workaday.


Well, if possible try to help me, please.  Here in Brazil there isn't much PPC users actualy.


And to finish, I'm glad to talk about this, about this wonderfull machine.


Thank you.

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.5.1)