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Please help!!!  I need to set up home sharing on my Apple TV... the larger unit with built-in drive.  I want to use the remote app. from my IPAD.  I would also like to set up air play.  Having difficulty.

iPad 2, Apple TV with built-in harddrive
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    AppleTV 1 (larger and silver) does not support either Home Sharing or Airplay.


    It has Airtunes but iOS devices seem to omit the ability to use this for audio.


    To use the Remote app you need to go to pair it with the remote app:


    Apple TV (1st generation)

    1. Connect iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a Wi-Fi network that is connected to the local network that your Apple TV also connected to.
    2. Open the Remote app on your mobile device.
    3. Select Add an iTunes Library in the Remote settings screen. Remote will then display a 4 digit passcode.
    4. On Apple TV, select Settings from the main menu, select General and then Remotes.
    5. Select the name of your iPhone or iPod touch.
    6. Enter the 4 digit passcode. Use the volume up/down keys on the Apple Remote (Infrared) to change the number that is displayed and the track next/back keys to switch digits.
    7. Click Done.

    Remote app will be paired with Apple TV and you can begin browsing your library using Remote and select a piece of content to play.


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    NEVERMIND.  was not reading carefully enough.  did not realize i had to attempt to add a library first, display the remote code on the ipad, and only then would hte ipad show up on the ATV.  all set!


    ignore below:



    I am failing at Step 5.  My iPad is not showing up on the AppleTV list.  My iPad is able to control my iTunes libe on my other two computers, so it is on the network.  And my iPhone can control my AppleTV, so the ATV is on the network.  Any ideas how to get the ATV to find the iPad?  Do I need to shut down the ATV by yanking the power and re-power it?


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