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I noticed that the latest update removed several quick fix items.

I use the quick fix often for family type shots.

I only shoot in RAW.


Also they removed several adjustments that would appear in the menu and now you have to take an additional step to open it in the adjustment menu side bar.

The one I am most interested in is : Levels, it seems to be that is a basic adjustment and seeing the graph is important.



Are there ways to add changes to the quick fix adjustments

Is there a way to add/keep certain adjustments in the side bar permenantly





Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    1.  What is "Quick Fix"?  Was this a default Adjustment Preset?  Have you tried the new "Auto Enhance" (I think that the name)?  (A crutch you'll never learn to walk without, imho, but perhaps does what you want.)


    2.  Just click the Adjustment Brick's Action Menu (the gear icon upper right) and add to default set.  What you are calling "the sidebar" is properly known as the Adjustments tab of the Inspector.


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    This link re: making Auto-enhance Presets may be of interest.  I have not had a chance to try these yet.

    http://www.apertureexpert.com/tips/2012/6/14/creating-new-auto-effects-in-apertu re-33.html

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    Thanks for the responses.

    First of all THANKS for sending me to the Aperture Experts Forum, it looks great and helpful.


    The Quick fix(s) is under the new effects bar drop down menu.


    As I stated it made simple photos of family dogs and fun stuff pretty easy.

    As a rule on those shots I would still tinker with other adjustments.


    As to calling stuff by its proper name I must admit I am not the best at those details.

    I am 70 years old and had a Darkroom for 30 years and there was NO such thing as a quick fix !

    I am still amazed at the Digital SLR world.

    You have no idea how lucky you are, Yes, I am VERY Jealous.


    Thanks again for the web site.



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    Hi Greg,


    Glad to help.


    The naming wouldn't be so important if we were working in the same room.  As it is, words are all we have to go on here in the Discussion forums; use of the correct names saves a lot of time.


    I'd forgotten about the "Quick Fixes" Effect Preset Group.  My bad -- -- sorry.

    You have no idea how lucky you are

    Au contraire, mon ami  -- I have publicly thanked Sony for making full-frame digital cameras within reach at a time when I became passionate about photography, and I state whenever I can how fabulous are the tools that are now available to your run-of-the-mill image-maker.  It's an extraordinary time -- enjoy.