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What is wrong with iMovie? I have deleted it and reinstalled it. I have made another account and copied all the photos and music to it and as soon as I try to add a photo to a new project it crashes. HELP!!! This was fine until the last 2 updates. What can I do Im on a schedule and I cant find a way to make it work!!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
  • ronniefromoh Level 1 (30 points)

    Update to latest software. iOS 5.1.1



    Try rebooting: Hold in home and lock button: ignore red bar, until apple logo.



    Check google. Put 2012 or June 2012 when googling.



    Still nothing? Call apple on iPhone at 611. OR 1-800-APPLE



    If apple can't help, the best thin to do is put your device in DFU mode and then recovery mode.

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    Ive rebooted and no luck. I'm not really computer literate and I was terrified while rebooting as I/d never done it before. I cant understand how it can suddenly stop working when its been fine. It coincides with an update from a few days ago. I hope apple come up with something very soon!! General consensus seems to be that its something to do with quicktime but again im only repeating what ive read.


    I didnt know if there was an easy fix as Im too scared to start messing with things I know nothing about.


    Thanks ronniefromoh for your assistance but Im still shaking haha

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    Okay. I understand. Just don't mess with iMovie for a while and wait until there is an update. Thanks!

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    Thanks for that. I really hope they hurry because I've got a wedding DVD to do on July 12th and a couple more before that. There's a lot riding on this. I even opened a new user account and and copied all the photos and itune library (I was very proud of myself) and it took me 2 days. All was going well till I dragged a photo into iMovie then that crashed too. Fingers crossed that apple will 'get a grip' soon.

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    Are you talking about iMovie on a Mac?

    Or iOS?


    This forum is for iPads, iPhones e.t.c.

    What device are you editing on, where is the source footage from?