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This is quite a major issue in the sense that ALL my previously purchased apps no longer show in the "purchased" tab on the App Store. This problem also applies to my phone. Someone else asked this question and got a really inane answer from someone who said "they will come back".... when? They should never have disappeared in the first place. I've had friends open their app store and it shows their previously purchased but no longer installed apps no problem. What am I missing here? Is it down to a setting as to why they are no longer showing? Something to do with iTunes or iCloud?


This issue is really starting to irk me because some apps I had deleted from my iPad I wanted to re download again. These apps were PAID for. I searched for these apps in the app store and it didn't say "Install" anymore like they usually do when i had paid for it before, it was asking me to pay.... AGAIN.


Since when has it been a case of when you pay, and delete you the pay again?


My purchased tab is empty. It doesn't show a single app. It says "All of your available apps have been downloaded to this device" same goes for my iPhone. This ins't the case AT ALL. I've got only a quarter of apps I paid for actaully installed on my devices.


Can anyone suggest what the issue may be? A resolution? Suggestion?

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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