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Trying to buy QUICK TIME PRO .. wont accept my card details from portugal .. help me pleeze os ill kill myself now

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    Don't bother, just use the free VLC player.




    which is a far better player than QT.


    If you want to do screen recording and editing, you'd be much better off with a real professional program like Camtasia 2. You can get a free 30-day trial here:



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    This is a user forum. This is not Apple. Should I contact emergency medical services for you?

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    Hi softwater ,, i need to make a video of Fire letter graphics from 3rd dimension .. struggling my knacks off to sort it out.. will the thing your adising allow me to do this do you know ??? and SIG , im stressed up here , jokes today might push me over the edge , n then you would have to live with that on your conscience.

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    I'm not sure what you mean by 'make a video' - do you mean capture the video and sound from something on your computer, or do you mean you've recorded something already on an external video camera and want to import it and edit it? - in either case Camtasia is the answer.


    Download it from the link I gave you before. The full program is free for the first 30 days and its fairly quick to learn.

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    You need to use an appropriate credit card. If you are in the US that means a US address based card. I doubt that you'll be pushed over the edge. Just don't be so dramatic use your smarts.

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    a company called 3rd dimension sell " fire letters " , im not sure what to do with them yet but apparently need QT pro to allow me to add the latters together to speell words, then i make them into a video, save it and when i play it back via WMP or winamp the words come from the back of the screen to the front of the screen on fire and explode, vague i know b ut this bit is completely new to me as ive not done this before ... SIG I may be pushed over the edge by your MASSIVE lack of humour TBH :-)

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    Ohh...OK. That's a complete msytery to me.


    What function is it that QT Pro has that you think you need? Playing WMP? For that, get the free VLC player I linked to in my first post.

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    As far as I know, so called Live Fonts (which will do what you want) need special programs; for instance, there are live fonts incorporated into LiveType which is part of Final Cut Express and Motion. Here is some info on those:




    As far as I know, you may need a program other than QT Pro (and VLC is a player, not a video editor).


    This is the type of thing you want?


    http://www.livetypecentral.com/cgi-bin/livetypecentral.cgi/results_cat.html?prod _group=61&cat_searched=XP61LF


    With these live fonts, you can then apply special effects such as fire, swirling circles, etc. - all within LiveType.


    While you search, be aware that not all fonts or programs are compatible with Macs - you need to check on that.

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    babowa wrote:


    (and VLC is a player, not a video editor).



    That was already made clear in my posts...