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iTunes finds update 10.6.3, I select the download and nothing happens.  Have not had this problem before.

  • whatheck Level 5 (4,085 points)

    There are a few other threads mentioning this too, try downloading iTunes from here -> http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/

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    (apologies, kipwil. This is a side note for wha.)


    Some interesting observations on this by markarich over here, wha:


    Re: apple software update in windows help!!!!


    My thoughts there:


    In the normal course of events, SoftwawareUpdate.exe is not set to run as an administrator.


    In the normal course of events, if SoftwareUpdate.exe is set to run as administrator, then the Apple Software Update.lnk compatibility mode tab should also be showing that ASU has been set to run as an administrator. So it's not clear why a discrepancy was being seen there.


    (Granted, if we've dealing with weird permissions **** here then the symptoms ought to be a bit weird, by definition.)

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    I've got the same problem. Became aware of the update when notified by iTunes after booting it up. Also tried checking for updates from the Help menu; and downloading iTunesSetup (75.4 MB) from the web site using Firefox. The file downloaded, but won't install.

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    The same thing is happening to me, but when i did finally instal after it deleted my old itunes, i just installed my old itunes back! what do i do???