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I'm trying to update to iOS 5 on my 4g iPod Touch, but whenever I plug it in to my computer and I choose to update it, a little box pops up that says 'Updating to iOS 5 will delete all of the apps and media, including iTunes Store purchases, on your iPod touch. To preserve your content, apply this update on the computer where you sync apps, music, videos, and photos.'


First of all, I'm kinda confused what 'applying this update on the computer' means. Does it mean I have to download the newest version of iTunes? (I've had some bad luck with this in the past- iTunes store not loading after the update, ect.)

Second, I backed up my iPod, so doesn't that mean all my apps, music, photos, etc. should be saved when I update? If not, how can I save them? Because I REALLY don't want do go through having to download EVERYTHING after this update. And having my notes and progress that I've made on games lost would be dang annoying.

Windows Vista
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    Everything that is on your ipod should be on your computer.  You should be syncing your ipod to your comptuer regularly.


    You need to make sure that EVERYHTING is on your comptuer.


    The backup does NOT include any itunes content.  if you have purchased anything on the ipod that is not on your computer then transfer it:  File>Transfer Purchases


    All pics taken with the ipod should be imported to your computer regularly as you would with any digital camera.