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Hi, I'm running iTunes on a Gateway LT400u netbook and have not had too many hiccups with it. I currently have and I'm trying to update to 10.6.3. When I try to, a window pops up and says "a new version of iTunes is available..." and I hit download now. The mouse gives me a loading icon (rotating blue wheel) and the windows disappears, then nothing happens. I tried the same thing several times and the same thing happens, nothing. There is no loading bar, window, or error that follows the first window and the netbook doesn't appear to do anything in the background (cpu and RAM usage remain the same.) I tried going to apple.com/itunes/download ,  and there suspiciously seems to be something missing. (no links or "clickable text" anywhere.)iTunes.jpgAs you can see, I'm using google chrome. The rest of the webpage is blank aside from the usual bla-bla at the bottom and a paragraph at the bottom stating "To learn how Apple safeguards your personal information...bla bla bla...The iTunes Store #1 music download store according to Nielsen SoundScan. See Terms of Sale."


If tl;dr, basically, iTunes won't update and the window that says update does nothing other than disappear. Sorry for the long post, hope I provided enough info.

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