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My wife just got a mac, and we want to get airplay working on our home audio system.


The cheapest way seams to get a Airport router as a reciever. The current router is however setup upstairs, and cannot easily be moved. I assume the mac needs to be connected to the Airport wifi in order stream airplay.


Can the airport do a wifi to wifi connection, and serve airplay this way? Or could I possibly run a lan cable from my router to the airplay, or does it need direct wan access to function?


If we do end up with the airplay as a repeater, can we expect some extra lag or other decreased internet performance?


thanks a lot :-)



Ras and Tip.

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    You can use an 802.11n (either generation) AirPort Express Base Station (AXn) for AirPlay with your current wireless router. The AXn would be configured to join the existing wireless network in Client Mode. In this configuration it would be connected by wireless and support both AirPlay and sharing a USB printer to network clients.


    Note: In this configuration the AXn is NOT performing as a wireless repeater and would have minimum impact to the overall bandwidth of the existing wireless network ... even while streaming audio.

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    That sounds great! Does anyone have a guide or information about client mode and how to set it up?


    Thanks again :-)

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    Apple Support has an article describing how to set it up here.