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Hutchoo Level 1 (5 points)

I want pads to make drum loops etc.   I'd also like to slice and edit samples.  So far I've looked at Akai MPCs and N.I. Maschine.

  • Hutchoo Level 1 (5 points)

    OK I found one... the Akai LPD8.  Excellent product.  It is so much more intuitive to play drums on these 8 pads rather than on the keyboard. You don't need the displays or extra pads of the more expensive models.  This has a nice on screen editor that is very programmable and it was plug-and-play in UltraBeat.  It's powered through the supplied USB cable so you don't need a power adapter. This is strictly a controller and has no on-board sounds but the sounds in Logic Pro and Garage Band are amazing. Well worth the $49.95!  You can slice and dice in Logic so that function isn't needed; similar effects can be acheived by simply holding down the pad and releasing it as a sound is modulated.  Also it is very portable - the size of your laptop keyboard.  Great fun!

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    So you just use that for drums?

  • Hutchoo Level 1 (5 points)

    If you know how to play drums, program the pads with ride cymbal and bass drum on the right, snare & hi-hat on left, toms in the middle etc. like you would play them normally.  Add tracks for fills, copy and paste patterns, quantize for feel; map out your song and create this first so you have a beat to play along with.