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I have an iPhone 4S. At the beginning of today, it had about 4.5 GB free out of 13.6. It's around 8 pm, and it randomly gives me a message saying that the space is almost full. I go to the Settings and it says I have less than a GB of free space and 13 used. I didn't add anything. This is definitely incorrect. How do I fix it?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1, Verizon, 16 GB, Black
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    You may think you didn't add anything, but there are lots of apps that do background processing and some of that involves downloading data.

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    I have had this happen with my iPhone as well. I just plugged it into iTunes and did a quick restore, then the GB space went back to the way it was suppose to be. Before you restore, select the option to Back up your iPhone, that way once you restore, you can get everything stored back on your iPhone the way it was before and the GB issue should be fixed.


    Hope this helped