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Already have Aperture 3 license, how do I install it on another Mac without rebuying it from App store?

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    If you're using the same Apple ID, log into the AppStore with it, and click on "purchases." Aperture should be there, and you're allowed to install it on a desktop and a laptop

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    The problem is the App store is not recognizing that I have already purchased it, so it doesn't show up under Purchases.

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    Did you buy it from the app store? If not, install it using the Aperture installation discs.

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    If you originally installed it from the trial or a DVD, you'll need to reinstall it from that source. The trial version of it is no longer available.



  • léonie Level 10 (90,679 points)

    If you bought Aperture by unlocking the Trial version, but did not keep the trial installer, try the link this poster used. If you are lucky it will still be working.

    Re: Aperture 3.3 for Lion, but... how to install 3.2.4 for Snow Leopard?


    Otherwise contact Apple with a "Proof of Purchase":

    Pro Application Replacement Serial Numbers: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1861




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    As you can see from all the replies to your question if you are not clear in describing the situation it is very difficult to try and help you.


    So first how did you originally purchase Aperture? App Store, DVD or Unlocked Trial version.


    If you purchased it from the App store if you log into the App Store with the same Apple ID you used to purchase Aperture then you will be able to install it on other systems besides the one you originally installed it on. Even though the button says Purchase you will not be charged again as lolongnd as this is the same Apple ID you used the first time.


    If you installed from DVD or Trail unlock post back.

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    I apologize, I wasnt very clear. I originally purchased Aperture in box form that installed with the included DVDs. Now I want to install it on a second computer, which happens to be a MacBook Air, hence no DVD drive. So I needed the ability to download the software without purchasing it, and then I could simply enter in the activation key I already had to use it.

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    So how did you solve the problem?


    Saw the link, it's amazing that thetrial is still avaialble but not listed on the Apple site.

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    If you still have the original DVD, I'd recommend you burn a disk image from the installer DVD on your old mac with DVD drive (with Disk Utility - select the DVD and click "New Image").


    Then use your network or a thumbs drive to transfer the disk image to your MacBook Air.