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    Ask for the Accounts security team- then an accounts security advisor.


    I had to email Itunes quite a lot of times.. otherwise they forget to reply back.

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    same as me

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    Same problem      

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    I've tried doing what you wrote about the link

    it doesn't exist there.


    once I go on "password and security"

    it gives me the "Please answer your security questions"

    and that's about it ..


    Apple ID.png


    EllieMae23 wrote:


    There are a few ways to do this.


    You can go to the link below and manage your account. If you know you password, You can reset them there under Password and Security.  It'll show the security questions but there's a link below it that says forgot your answers?  And it will send it to your email.


    Manage My Apple ID


    You can also contact Account Security through technical support by Apple and they can reset those as well


    From my experience, Account Security has a high call volume because they are a very small group so far.  So I would try the first option first

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    ABSOLUTELY REDICULOUS!!!!!! So much for apple and it's great customer support. Android is looking more appealing to me now. This never should have been an issue.

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    wrong thread

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    HATE! LOTHE! DISPISE!  These are the adjectives I am using to describe this "Privacy Question" fiasco!


      I have my 7th Apple device (new ipad)....stupid me!

    I cannot purchase any apps for it unless I answer the two posted security questions.  I have no idea what the anwers to my 2 security questions are, and I can't change them unless I know them!!!!  This can't be right.  Who would let a user sign in with their password, but not let them change questions unless they know the answers to the questions....So I called customer service!


         YEP!  That is the correct answer.  I I was asked to make some guesses and maybe I might get it.....I didn't and was then locked out for the next 8 HOURS!!!!!!!!!    Unless I give them a credit card, they will not let me change my questions.  They have my ipad serial number, my phone number, my address, and my password, but they will not let me verify without a credit card.  WHY WOULD I GIVE YOU MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER?  We purchase gift cards and keep them in the account, I do not need to give you anything more.  You will not be getting anything more!


       It is obvious from all the posts on this pages that this is not a new issue.  Therefore, I must assume that they do not wish to address the current poilicy.  If any of these people are as angry and frustrated as I does not make Apple look like a company who values their patrons.  SO....

       After this, I could not force myself to purchase an Iphone.  My Samsung Galaxy 3 is fabulous! It already is the "Next BIG thing!"   I have NO complaints and I am WAY happier than my friends who keep purchasing Iphone after iphone! 

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    I have just bought a new iPad today and have spent two hours on the phone with technical support as I cannot set up the three security questions. I just keep getting the enter your password box.  I was told I would be contacted via email from support team.  I did and it said case closed. I contacted them again via Skype only to go through the whole thing again. They have no idea how to sort it out and have said it is a software problem. iPad is going back to store tomorrow and not being replaced by another.

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    Its not that he has forgotten his PASSWORD though. He forgot his SECURITY ANSWERS.

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    You guys have to call..  It'll take about 1-2 hours.


    It ***** I know. Stop replying to the dame thread and just call the dame technical support.

    You guys should know by now apple doesn't care about you.  It's all about the money.

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    to solve the new device download problem follow these steps:


    1. change your apple email address to an aol one.

    2. register a credit card to your apple id.

    3. now you will neve be asked for your security on any device.

    4. and if this does not work you have 2 options

    a) call 1800-MY-APPLE and have apple reset it for you

    b) go to the following link & send them an email

    5. now in the worst case scenario of none of the above working you have one option left you have to ditch your apple id and f you have'nt purchased any apps good for you but if you have i feel bad for you

    6. if you dont want to ditch your account register a complaint with apple any of the solutions given above will undoubtfully work if you live in the US or Canada

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    same question

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    you have to call them if your locked out call  the next day (only on week days) you have to know aleast one anwser to the question then they will reset them!! hope it helps!!

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    i agree

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