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after I've installed last week's Remote Desktop Admin update via software update I've been noticing some strange behavior. The most irritating issue is that when I connect to my iMac or to my MacBook Pro it takes a long time for the screen on the iMac to wake up. ScreenSharing does not fully connect until the screen has come on. Before, the screen would turn itself on right away upon connecting and the ScreenSharing connection was established almost instantly. Now, it says connecting for quite a while before the display wakes up. The iMac is NOT sleeping, only the display is. If I wake the display manually by pressing a key after I started the connection attempt, the connection gets established right away.


Also, the console is full of these error messages since I've installed the update.


ScreensharingAgent[12298]: mach_make_memory_entry_64 failed, (os/kern) invalid address


Is anybody else having the same issues on their machines? All my computers are running Lion.







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