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Is there a feature of Apple products that tracks stolen iPadsa? I understand the company has features such as Find My iPad that will help track your missing iPad (only when enabled), but how serious does apple take stolen iPads?  A minimum of a $500 investimenent, personal or for business, is a very large investment, and for there to be a minimal effort toward assisting in such a devistating loss would be more than a disapointment. I'd like to know what Apple offers to assist in the locating of stolen iPads. Are there any breakthrough features that help us feel secure in buying a new $500 minimun product? I look forward to your response, Apple. Thank You.

Solved by carl wolf on Jun 23, 2012 6:54 PM Solved

In a word, none.  It's up to you, not Apple, to assure that your private property remains safe and in your possession.  If your iPad is stolen, report it to the police.