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Hi everybody,


just received my new MBA 13" mid 2012 model few days ago and I'm a bit annoyed with the lid hinge. It feels kind of weak to me (in opening direction). When mb is on the desk, screen stays in its angle but it requires only a little preasure to change the angle of the screen. When I open the lid approximately 100 degrees and put the mb in position where screen is parallel to the ground and base is perpendicular to the ground (lid is on top) the lid stays in its position. But when I rotate the mb so as the lid is on the bottom and base on top then lid opens itself by gravity to maximum angle. I have exactly the same problem like the guy on this video:


Is this something to worry about or this was some intention by Apple? Unfortunately there is no local Apple Store in the Czech Republic, only Apple Online store, and everything is shipped here from the Netherlands. I guess there is no way how to tighten the hinge.


Thanks in advance,


MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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