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Hello. I do not speak English very well, but still want to discuss some shortcomings of the iPad.

most important disadvantage is that those people who do not buy the iPad, they are very big nuisance that is not ipad USB port.

I even don't have bought any tablet for me, becouse i want and every one want have a tablet

with USB connection, that could at any time to exchange data via USB to your friends or colleagues at work, text files, pictures do it any happier. if there is a USB port and then your market would be unavailable to other competitors and you are wonderful.

since then we, my family, friends turn of my acquaintance, and many other people to start buying IPAD. if you understand what it means to humans. Then your market is gonna be unbeatable. and every people gonna be hapier.
I think you may understand how much you gonna access, and it can help everyone become iPad users and it may be a new generation of the iPad