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hadialqadi Level 1 Level 1

Hi, I reinstalled SL on my mac but when I did I got a file called incompatible software, should I delete it or keep it.

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 Level 9

    http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3258 states:


    'When you install the operating system or when you migrate from another Mac, known-incompatible software is moved to a folder named "Incompatible Software".

    Mac OS X also prevents known-incompatible software from opening. If you see a message indicating that you can't use the version of the application, contact the software's vendor or visit their website for a later, compatible version.

    Software restricted during installation and migration

    During installation, Mac OS X moves known-incompatible software to a folder named "Incompatible Software" at the root level of the hard drive. If you see this folder on your Mac, see what applications are in it, then check with the application's developer for available updates.

    To obtain a new version of an Apple application, open Mac App Store or visit the Apple Store website.'