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    Absolutely agree to your post! I'm even sure that I answered my security questions correct but the system never accepted them. Now I have to wait for 8hours. However, thanks for your instructions how to reset this!

  • modelamama Level 1 (0 points)

    I entered the link provided, gave my name and password, opted for the seond link -- Password and Security -- clicked on that.  It asks for the answers to my security questions.  I have entered the correct answers (2 of which are very obvious to me -- my first pet and childhood nickname) and am being told they are incorrect.


    There was no option to reset my security questions.


    I spoke with someone from Apple who said he would verify my account using two of three means. 1) He sent a passcode to one of my devices which I repeated to him. Good. 2) He asked for a credit card on my account -- I don't have one.  Strike.  3) He asked for my security questions.  I gave him my answers and he told me they were wrong -- which is the problem to begin with!  I am now locked out of my account for 8 hours.

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