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Here's a tech question: with the inclusion of the newer Universal Serial Bus (USB) 3.0 standard on the newest Apple hardware, does this mean that there's now enough bandwidth available to use USB 3.0 to connect to an external scratch disk for video editing or other professional media work?


The reason I ask is that I always had to split my buses in the past when I used Final Cut.


I have a MacBook Pro and an HDV camcorder (Canon Vixia HV40; connected via FireWire).

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    Dunno exactly.  But the concept is this: usb sends info in packets, firewire is a steady stream.  My edit station is all e-sata, so I don't have the issue.


    It used to be a huge no no to use usb, but what the heck, standards seem to have gone completely south around here.  See if it works.