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My ipod touch doesnt charge. Its practically dead now, no battery, only shows the *need to charge* sign....I tried an external charger, usb 2.0 port, even the charger in the car. I've check the wires, but they all work with my ipad and my dads iphone. So the problem is with the ipod. I cant listen to music, cant restore it back to the factory settings, cant sync it back, all because its got no battery.

iPod touch, iOS 5.0.1
  • lllaass Level 10 (175,857 points)

    Try the not charging topic of:

    iPod touch: Hardware troubleshooting

    Do not forget the inspection of the dock connector on the iPod.

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    inspection of the dock connector..?

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    Look at the dock connector on the iPod. Look for abnormalities like bend or corroded contacts, cracked or missing plastic pieces. Compare with the iPhone's dock connector.

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    there is no abnormalities, the connector looks fine. Any other suggestions...?

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    After you've tried everything Apple recommends, as I did, that is restart, restore, other cables/adapter/wall sockets and connecting to the usb hub of your computer, it is safe to assume that is either the battery or the connector itself.

    If you are within the warranty, take it to an apple store or retailer, they will fix it...outside the warranty for a fee.

    Personally, I changed the battery myself (not too hard - you can find a 'how to' video on you tube) The battery was €14. For the connector I went to a mobile phone repair shop that had the part and knowhow to replace it. Looked a bit too fiddly for my liking!

    It took half an hour and cost me € 70, part and labour


    The phone is as new.