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susankad Level 1 (0 points)

I loaned it to my niece and it came back with her songs on it instead of mine and now it keeps freezing up on me, is it a virus or something else?

iPod classic, Windows 7
  • ronniefromoh Level 1 (30 points)

    Okay. Plug your iPod into iTunes. Make sure your iPod is in your Apple ID. If it isn't, log it in to your ID.


    Make sure your software is up to date.


    If it is logged into your account, your iPod is probably too old to function right. You might have to buy a new iPod.

    When did you buy your iPod? This could help :)

  • Bilbo_cheshire Level 4 (1,780 points)

    Susan,  No, it is not a virus, your neice, just sync her iTunes library automatically, with your iPod, erasing everything in it, and replace it with he music.

    When is the last time you sync your iPod with your own iTunes?

    If it is more than a year ago, better update the iTunes version and Restore the iPod software, also discoonect all other USB devices when doing this, as the newer devices might have better priority, than your old iPod, hence freezing the iTunes.