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Okay I hope someone can help.I sent my Ipod nano in for repair,because the hold switch broke,when I was trying to get it unstuck.Now Apple is sending it back because they say it was abused....I only had this thing since December,and now I can't use it.Does anyone have any idea how to get it repaired.Also,don't go to the trouble of buying an extended warranty,because they won't repair anything broken.
Help Please!

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  • btabz Level 7 (26,635 points)
    The warranty (and extended warranty) does not cover abuse.

    You would have to do something like this...

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    Why do they call it abused,when the stupid thing broke off after it was stuck?
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    my problem was worse... the lcd "exploded" (cracked by itself) when it was charging... i noticed that the ipod could even heat up a cup of cofee... i dont know what to do. i live in venezuela and im not quite sure if the apple line here can replace my ipod.
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    Good luck with Apple,evidently they only repair something that is not broken.No matter what kind of warranty you have.
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    the apple waranty clearly states they will not repair accidental damage. you are just mad and blaiming apple because you broke the thing and they dont repair your mistakes it wouldnt be fair to them.

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    Hi Wilnik16,

    Welcome to Apple Discussions

    Well, that is a very untrue statement. Would Honda fix a car that you broke trying to fix it yourself. You might want to read the Limited Warranty before practicing on your iPod.

    "This warranty does not apply: (a) to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, misapplication, or non-Apple products; (b) to damage caused by service performed by anyone other than Apple; (c) to a product or a part that has been modified without the written permission of Apple; or (d) if any Apple serial number has been removed or defaced."

    You might also want to read the Apple Discussions Terms of Use

    "Stay on topic. Apple's discussion forums are here to help people use Apple products and technologies more effectively. Unless otherwise noted, don't add Submissions about nontechnical topics, including:
    That Apple rumor you saw on another website.
    Discussions of Apple policies or procedures.
    Speculations/rumors about unannounced products.
    The status of your 1973 MG Midget restoration."

    Apple has nothing wrong. You took it upon yourself to fix your own iPod. Apple does not have to fix anything that is not a defect.


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    For your information...I broke the THING after following stupid instructions on this apple support web site,where it told me to move the hold button back & forth.That is what I did and it broke.So I was only following the instructions of Apple itself.So since their help only made it worse,they should fix it..right?
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    If the hold switch was not defective,why did it not unlock when moved to that position,and why did it break when I followed apple's info on how to unhold it?If the switch had been working as it was suppose too,I wouldn't be having this problem.And I am not the first person,to have this ipod problem.Just check the discussion site and you will see,that others have also.So I am telling you that Apple has problems with the Ipod Nano,and since I paid almost 300.00 for it,they should fix it.
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    And I am not the first person,to have this ipod problem.Just check the discussion site and you will see,that others have also.So I am telling you that Apple has problems with the Ipod Nano,and since I paid almost 300.00 for it,they should fix it.
    This is such a weak statement.
    I could walk into the emergency room at the hospital and see lots of injured and sick people every time I go there. Does that mean that all of humanity is defective?

    Of course you'll see many people with problems on these forums. That's why they are here!
    You're forgetting about the MILLIONS of iPod Nano owners who never have one problem with their device.
    Just because you have read that a handful of users had the same problem as you, that doesn't mean that Apple has a problem with all Nanos.

    So because you paid 'almost 300.00' for it... they are required to fix something that you broke? How exactly did you arrive at that conclusion?

    Grow up and take responsibility for your actions.
    Your iPod broke... it happens. Buy a new one, or find a third-party repair service to fix it.
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    Please do not feed the trolls.

    thank you.
    ; )

  • Rich Fleming Level 6 (13,415 points)
    My bad.

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    I will do that,but it won't be an Apple Ipod!
    smart aleck!
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    i would call ipod, and explain how it broke, tha it wasnt abuse, you jsut follow their instructions, and now you want them to fix it since its not abuse.

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    Hey Btabz, Hosts, Moderators, higher ups,

    Maybe it is time for this thread to be locked? It seems to gone on a trollish like tangent. As far as I can see, its been solved; no need for unwanted chat. I believe my quote from the TOU will help with the decision; Apple procedures...