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I have a wireless net work at my home.  Have an HP cp1525 printer and it worked just fine.  I could print from all my mobile devices.  All of a sudden I can still print from my wireless laptop or desk top but can no longer print from my mobile devices.  The mobile devices see the printer and says that it is printing but nothing comes out.

The only possible chnage is that I installed a wirelss stereo product called Sonos.  Maybe that is causing some conflic but thought I disabled it with still no success

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1
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    One possibility is that the mobile devices each have a print job stuck in their print queue.  On an iOS device, double click the Home button and a row of recent Apps will line up along the bottom of the screen.  Scroll across and look for the Print Center.  If you find it, you should be able to delete any stuck print job.



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    Thanks Fred

    Fortunately I solved the problem after my post by turning the printer off and then on.   What you suggested may have done the same thing.  Thanks and I will try your suggestion should this happen again

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    Same solution here -- just restarted printer! iPhone was saying it was printing but never left queue.  This was after I had just finished setting up printer for first time.