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I installed the OS X Lion theme called "Crystal Black", and I'm really sick of it.

There is no uninstaller app in the package, how can I delete it or restore the theme to the default OS X Lion theme?


Thanks, Idanref.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    All such themes are hacks, and as such, there's no easy set of instructions for reverting.  Worst case scenario, with a really bad hack, components of the system will have been replaced entirely without keeping the original files, and there is no easy way to revert other Han to reinstall the system.  You'll need to ask the developer of that theme for assistance, and if they are unwilling or unable to provide it, hold down command-R at startup and then install the system right on top of your existing one.  That should leave all your apps and documents intact, though backups would be wise just in case.

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    Do you think there is a way, of installig a new theme and uninstall it with the uninstaller? Since it overwrites the same files?

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    If you still have the .dmg in your Downloads folder just double click on it. There's an uninstaller in there. If you don't have it anymore, redownload the .dmg from Macupdate, Softonic or wherever you got it from before.


    Screen Shot 2012-06-24 at 14.03.07.png

  • softwater Level 5 (5,370 points)

    Actually, it also looks like there's an uninstaller.app in


    /Library/Application Support/ MarsThemes/CrystalBlack/Other Components

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    There was a bug in the uninstaller the original poster was using. The bug was fixed in an update released yesterday. My deep apologies to anyone who had trouble uninstalling Crystal Black.




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    Help I've just installed that crap and after changing my whole system I didn't like it I wanted to uninstall using their "uninstall.app" and it came with a message saying the uninstaller only work with this or that OS! I had to reinstall Mountain Lion completely because deleting files directly in Library didn't work and now I still have some remaining effects on wondows header. What should I do? And please whoever is reading this don't EVER INSTALL CrystalClear or CrystalBlack don't ever give them money!

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    This looked really interesting to me as I really like the black themes, but I reconsidered and trashed the demo installer....prolly for the best. I really wish there was a good solid reliable theme choice, but I'd rather go without than risk damage to my machine. Always a good idea to research these things before installing