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I have been using my beloved 5th generation version of the ipod nano for a few years now and although it has lasted a while and still works fairly well, I am going to invest in a new one. To my horror the new nano is horribly small and touch screen! I thought it was a new and updated shuffle. How could they have ruined the nano and almost 'downgraded' it so much from the amazing 5th generation. I guess I will have to invest in a slightly more expensive ipod classic :/

iPod nano
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    Thanks for sharing.

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    6th gen been out since Sept 2010--had mine since then--love it --some folks just like to complain

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    The addition of the touch screen is fantastic! It will take some getting used to, but the small form factor makes it a great excersive companion as it can just clip on your shirt. It is different but Apple is moving away from the click wheel design and into touch screens.


    If you like the click wheels, check out the iPod classics. Beware though that the classic contain a spinning hard drive and are not ment for excersise as extreme motion (or drops) could damage the hard drive inside.


    If you are wanting to try the touch screens, try an iPod Touch! You will love all the different apps you can put on it. Its like a mini computer!


    If you like the older generation nanos, try looking for a referbished one from Apple's listing or on Amazon, Ebay, etc.



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    I have a 5th gen iPod nano as well, and I think it's great.  You have to think of the 6th gen iPod nano as a completely different product line.  They are SO different...


    5G - Clickwheel, video playback, video camera, hold in hand to use

    6G - Touchscreen, no video at all, focused on audio, clip-on (or "wristwatch")


    The 6G iPod nano is a "reboot" that takes it back to its start, as a small music-centric media player (with a screen), that didn't try to do too much.


    By the 5G model, the iPod "nano" was more the size of the old iPod mini.  It gained features every year, until it became TOO MUCH.  And the next logical step in its true evolution would have been something more like iPod touch, which just happened to gain its own camera(s) for the first time when the 5G nano departed.  And iPod touch also got a price cut (at the low end) to be close to what the 5G iPod nano cost (at the high end).


    So, anyone looking to replace their 5G iPod nano, when it eventually wears out, should look to the iPod touch.  And the iPod nano is back to being something that should be called "nano."

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    Thanks for the suggestion, the only problem is that I already have an ipod touch (gifted to me by a friend) but it only has 8gb memory and was hoping for more. The battery is also terrible on it and the touch screen is so unreliable when I am working out, etc. I don't know what to get, I will go to the apple store and try each out, but thanks for suggestions!