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I have and ipod classic and am operating it on Windows XP, I am constantly having issues with the ipod not showing up in itunes, despite numerous attempts at following all the troubleshooting steps on Apple Support page.  Does anyone else have this problem? It takes a whole day off and on various troubleshooting tips and it eventually will let me restore it. Help!!!!

iPod classic, Windows XP
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    Does the iPod appear to charge when you plug it into your Windows XP machine?  What shows on the iPod's display when you have it plugged in?


    I assume you have tried different USB ports and a different USB sync cable?


    Hvae you tried connecting the iPod to a different Mac or PC to see if it's recognized there?  This can help determine if you have an iPod issue or a PC issue.



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    5. Verify that the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is installed



    For Windows Vista or Windows 7:

    Follow the steps on locating your device under Computer Manager

    Once located, right click it, click update

    Click Browse my computer for driver software

    Then navigate to the following location:

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers

    Note: If using a 64-bit version of Windows Vista or Windows 7, navigate to

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers


    i have a 64 bit lptp, i tried the 64 but didnt work, if the same for u, do the 32 bit one. i just did this a few mins ago and got my iPod Touch workn under iTunes.

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    I have an Ipod Touch 4G and the iTunes on my computer has slowly been dying for a while now.


    It no longer connects to the internet, it cant inport CD's (unless i get really lucky, in which case for every CD i want to import, i have to have iTunes open, active and on top, then put my laptop to sleep, then wake it up again WITH the CD in it, and then wait around ten minuites for it to respond again. And not it wont sync my Touch, But i will sync my old nano.) these reasons alone are enough. its complicated, because i use my touch for looks, games, socialising, and music (out loud) but the touch is going down too, With the earphone jack dead, Screen craked (ok, that was my fault) software slowing down and response times going up.


    ANYWAY, all i want is some new music on my ipod. Is that too much to ask?


    So it wont connect, but the Nano will.

    Please help, or else i might just go all out windows - "throw apple out the Windows" so to speak. NOT a happy iCustomer, Apple.


    anyway thanks, please help me out.



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    Post this in the iPod Touch forum. This forum is for the iPod Classic.