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Idont have any sounds on my iphone 4 no sounds on call,email nothing

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
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    Is the silent switch on the side of the iphone on?

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    The silent switch wont show me if my ringer is on or silent.which it always showed if the ringer was on or off and I could adjust the volume also,this shows I have the ringer on high and still no sounds. I can go to settings>sounds>ringer and alerts is turned on the highest volume. I also have vibrate turned on,which does work when I have a call.txt or anyother notification.

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    If the switch on the top left of your phone doesnt show a orange color the do a restart on your phone by holding the home and off button down till the apple symbol comes.

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    The iPhone that I bought did not have a sound at all. i cannot hear the ringing when someone is calling, I cannot hear the sound if it is on speaker mode. In short, I can only use it whenever there is an earphone connected. I have tried all the possible troubleshoots available online in the apple online support. it is not on silent mode.


    I hope I can get a reply

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    I have an iPhone and an iPad Mini, but I only had the problem on the iPad Mini but this fix may work for you.

    This is what I posted in another thread:


    I HAVE FIGURED OUT THE FIX FOR THIS! ... (Well it worked for me on my iPad Mini.)


    I saw a post from an apple rep telling a iOS 6 user to turn the side switch on to un-mute the sounds. A no-brainier yes, but it made me wonder if the side switch may have been temporarily "confused" after updating to iOS 7 because it added the new settings screen that swipes up from the bottom of the screen. I was using my side-switch to lock the screen rotation and it was in the "off" (down) position (red visible) and none of my notifications were sounding. So I flipped it up and down a couple times which didn't solve the problem. So logically, I proceeded to what inevitably solved the problem...


    Go to Settings > General / "Use Side Switch To" and select the opposite of what you are currently using. I had mine on Lock Rotation, so I selected Mute. Then flip your switch up and down slowly a couple of times to see that the confirmation on the screen is correct.  You may have to go back to settings again and select the other choice if you originally had Mute selected, I don't know because I originally had Lock Rotation in use.


    Hopefully, this will fix your notification sounds (and the lock sound when you press the power button).  After using this fix, you can set the use of the side switch to your preference and still have all of your notification sounds!

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    Thanks for the fix. I just brought my phone to apple service center they were able to fix it there.