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Synching contacts from iPhone to ipad

iPhone 4
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    you would want to use this.


    It shows how to set up email, but instead of flipping the email switch, just flip the contacts and the calanders switch...  If you have any questions, let me know


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    I helped a friend sync his new ipad with iPhone contacts using the cloud method.


    Unfortunately, although he got all of his contacts on iPad, as he wished, he ALSO got all of his wife's contacts!  Each has their OWN apple ID and each is cloud syncing in this manner. Any idea how it occurred,  and is there any way to RECTIFY IT? 

    Between them, they each own an iPad and an iPhone.


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    if you dont want the contacts, you just turn contacts off in icloud.  Theres a switch for that.

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    Sorry if I wasn't clear. He DOES want contacts from his iPhone to ALSO exist on iPad. What he doesn't want is the contacts on his wifes devices to ALSO reside there. As I said before each has his own SEPARATE apple ID, so we are unclear about why this is occurring.

    Should we have her turn off cloud syncing of HER contacts, temporarily, while his two devices sync contacts via iCloud?

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    if she turns off the icloud, soon as she turns it back on, it migth sync.  I am not really sure because i never done this before.  So if you do this with icloud.  You wife might not want to turn icloud for contatcts back on if she doesnt want to risk it/ if she doesnt need the icloud for contacts.

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    first of all

    Hi, dan122334455

    we met on this forum around 13 hours ago in an iPad discussion (you seem to fight with everyone)


    i have the perfect solution

    1. sync the contacts of the iPhone to iTunes (the option will be disabled and has to be enabled this option is found under the info tab)

    2. let the contacts sync to ur pc/mac

    3. now connect the iPad enable the sync contacts option (for ipad) in the info tab.

    this will sync all ur iPhone contacts to iPad and NOT the other way round (for this to happen after the sync disable the sync contacts option)



    other method

    sign in through iCloud on both iPad and iPhone then enable sync contacts on both the devices!

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    Can we keep the not i cloud email address and do the same

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    There is a tool called MobileTrans, it copies data between iOS, Android and Symbian devices.

    See the guide:

    3 methods to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPad