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can someone remind me what i have to do to access my boot camp installs from Lion or Snow Leopard? i think i have MacDrive installed which gets me read and write to Mac OS from boot camp but for some reason i am not remembering what to do here for windows read and write.


i have notes here on this i have to dig up but it would be great to get a bit of help on this.



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    So, you are asking how to get read/write access to NTFS partitions from MacOS (not just how to access your Boot Camp "installations" from MacOS)?


    You need to install an NTFS file system driver.  I personally use the Paragon NTFS driver for MacOS, and it works great.  In the past I have used a free one, and it worked OK, but it was slower at some things.  I even recall reading posts somewhere on changes to your FSTAB to get Leopard (and possibly Snow Leopard) to give you read/write access, but I haven't had a need for those to see if they work or not.

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    thanks dude. good to see your tagline again.