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    As felix. v states.


    And because you've decided to go ssd, you will have a very fast machine since SSD's are much faster than regular HD.  So you really won't see a difference.

  • ns180 Level 1 (0 points)

    OK, I'm most likely not getting the 2.7. However, are you sure about the 16 GB of RAM upgrades? I may be interested in that but this site: says that they have a maximum of 8 GB of RAM for this computer.

  • felix.v Level 1 (0 points)

    if the guys at OWC tested the 16GB configuration, it's all good. I have a early 2008 MacBook Pro 15 witch "officialy" supports only 4GB, but for 2 years and a half it runs with 6GB from OWC perfect. I trust them 100%.

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    you can go 16GB on your non-retina macbook pro.  Just make sure the RAM you buy is the 1.3-1.35 volts not the standard 1.5volts.


    go to crucial or owc site to get more info on the RAM you need.


    I have a late 08 MB Uni with 8GB (apple says " 4GB max ")


    I also have a late 2011 MB Pro with 16GB (apple says " 8GB max ")

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    The MBPs that you are looking at can accommodate 16 Gb of RAM.  I would suggest that you not purchase it at this time and wait until you determine that you actually need it.  One is  that RAM prices keep falling so the price may become more attractive and second is that the overwhelming majority of users do not have applications that require it.  Ram that is idle is of no value.  Do not let yourself be caught in the trap where one tricks out a MBP like the person with a Ferrari in Manhattan where there is no place to drive it over 100 mph.



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    Yeah, definitely, I won't get it unless I need it.


    Thanks to all. I'm about ready to purchase: 15.4 inch, 2.6 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, Hi-Res Antiglare Display. The only thing holding me back is AppleCare: though I could get it at any time in the next year, it is $110 off with education pricing, and I'm not sure I will be able to get the discount if I decide to get AppleCare later.

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    Only the Retina MBPs use DDR3L/PC3L memory, the non-Retina models use standard DDR3/PC3 (1.5V) SoDIMMs.


    I upgraded my new MBP to 16GB using the Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB 1600MHz kit, which was a whopping $140 and has lower latency than the factory Samsung memory (Corsair is C10, Samsung is C11).  It's been rock solid and very fast.

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    FarmerTed wrote:


    Only the Retina MBPs use DDR3L/PC3L memory, the non-Retina models use standard DDR3/PC3 (1.5V) SoDIMMs.


    I upgraded my new MBP to 16GB using the Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB 1600MHz kit, which was a whopping $140 and has lower latency than the factory Samsung memory (Corsair is C10, Samsung is C11).  It's been rock solid and very fast.


    You might want to clear that up a bit.  All new 2012 Macbooks uses 1600MHz DDR3 (L) low voltage.  You might have yours working in your Macbook now.  Let us know in a couple of months when you start getting issues with your Macbook that you think it was caused by something else and not the wrong RAM.


    Have a look at crucial or macsales (owc) - all RAMS for 2012 MB Pro are 1.3 - 1.35 volts.

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    There's nothing to clear up, look up the Samsung part numbers that I removed from my factory 2012 MBP if you don't believe me.


    Samsung M471B5273DH0-CK0


    Not only do the specs clearly state 1.5V, the DIMMs themselves are labeled PC3 and *not* PC3L as the low-voltage DIMMs are.


    Whoever stated ALL new MBPs use LV memory is mistaken, only the Retina models use LV memory.


    EDIT:  Page 6 of official Samsung docs also states these are 1.5V, search for "M471B5273DH0" and you'll find it.


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    While I don't doubt what you say when your 2012 MB Pro came with 1.5 volts, going within apple's specs are best followed to avoid conflicts or issues with the Macbook in the future.  Your macbook currently works with your 1.5 volt RAM since the voltage is .15 volts over the 1.35 apple's suggest. not a big issue.  but it might be when running under it's own power.


    All RAM being sold for 2012 MB Pros are 1.3 - 1.35 volts.




    above are just a couple of links on where they all sell 1.3 = 1.35 volts specifically for the 2012 MB Pro.

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    If Apple spec'd LV memory then they would come with LV memory.  You may want to check Apple's own specs again yourself.


    The Retina specs specifically day DDR3L

    The non-Retina specs specifically say DDR3


    It's odd to me that you think Apple using 1.5V memory in the new MBP is fine, but using other 1.5V memory doesn't meet specs.  It also doesn't make sense that Apple would call out DDR3L on the rMBP specs page and not on the standard MBP page if they are in fact using LV memory in the standard MBP...which they aren't...because they don't come with it.


    When Apple is using LV memory then Apple is clearly calling that out.


    Sorry, I'm going to trust what Apple states and what Apple puts in the Apple laptops that Apple designed and since Apple put 1.5V memory in the new non-Retina MBP then they do not use LV memory.


    Why would Apple put 1.5V memory into a machine that needs LV memory?  They wouldn't.

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    You know, you and i can debate on this for days.  No clear winner or loser in this debate.


    I didn't say what apple is doing is fine and others aren't.  That's not what I said.  Nowhere in my reply to you says that.


    All I said was .15 volt is not an issue.


    Have you checked the link I posted?  I guess they're all wrong for suggesting 1.35 volts too?  Are RAM manufacturers making 1.35 volts just for the thrill of it?


    I know what voltage the Retina uses.  I own one.  I also own 2 non Retina Macbooks.


    I just upgraded a couple of 2012 Macbook Pro.


    One of them came with Crucial 16GB (2X8GB) 1.35 volt, and the other one came with 16GB Kingston (2X8GB) 1.5 volt.


    Guess which one didn't work?  The Kingston didn't work in either the Macbooks.  Ran to the local Apple Reseller and picked up another set of 1.5 volt RAM and that one worked, but kept on freezing and locking up.


    In any event, installed 1.35 volt RAM in both macbooks and both friends of mine are now happy with their MB's.


    All i said was to go with what Apple suggest you use in your Macbook.  That's all I said.  Not a debate on who's right or wrong.  And when I mentoned to you to clear it up, I was hoping you suggest brand name RAM only to make sure it doesn't create conflict.

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    Just a couple of points and a reference...


    A lot of the 1.35V memory also supports 1.5V, so why offer both 1.35V and 1.5V variants when you can offer a single part that officially supports both voltages?


    The 1.5V Corsair (A brand name) in my 2012 MBP is working just fine, stability is not a problem.  It came with 1.5V memory, I put 1.5V memory back in.  If it's wrong then Apple is wrong, that's all I'm saying.  I'll trust what Apple did before I trust a 3rd party and Apple put 1.5V memory in mine.  The fast that mine is the 2.7GHz model shouldn't make any difference, either.  If Apple put 1.35V memory in then I would've put 1.35V memory in.


    Also, OWC themselves state that 1.35V memory is not a requirement for the 2012 MBPs.

  ble-the-ram-for-new-apple-macbook-pros-announced-at-wwdc/comment-page-1#comment- 59845


    Crucial's website contradicts itself.  It lists the memory as DDR3 PC3-12800 but 1.35V.  If it's 1.35V then it's PC3L-12800.  Memory can't be both PC3-12800 and 1.35V, PC3L is a standard so someone goofed somewhere.


    Intel's spec sheet says the following for these i7 CPUs...


    Memory Types

    DDR3/L/-RS 1333/1600


    Lists DDR3 and DDR3L.


    Will 1.35V work?  Absolutely, and most will support both 1.35V and 1.5V.  Do you need DDR3L 1.35V memory?  Experience and "official" references say no, you don't, and that the hardware actually supports both.


    So far we're both having generally positive results, except for your Kingston experience.


    I'm also not saying Apple doesn't ship or support 1.35V memory, my original post here was based on your comment that you must use 1.3-1.35V memory.  If it were a hard and fast requirement then my MBP would not have come with 1.5V DIMMs.  That was my only point.  Perhaps I should have said mine CAME with 1.5V DIMMs in my first post to avoid any confusion.


    Anyway, have a great weekend and let's enjoy our awesome, new MBPs. 

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    Don't you just love debates....


    In any event, I hope you don't get offended with my way of saying things.


    While I do agree with you in what you say.  I try to however, keep things simple when it comes to answering questions by the original poster.  I don't want to confuse them.


    My old Macbook Uni asks for 1066MHz RAM.  I'm using 1333MHz on mine.  Would I tell someone to do the same with their Macbook?  Probably not since I don't want them to end up with something that might not work for them and get blamed for it.


    In any event, you have a great weekend too.....And I am enjoying my new macbook....



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    Hello all,


    I too am debating this.



    I have the early 2008 Macbook pro currently. My logistics board failed last week and I had to take it in to Apple to get fixed. $310 later I will be getting it back. My problem is I am only running 2GB RAM total on it.


    I am trying to decide what would be the cost efficent idea. I create video games and currently the one I am working on is "killing" so to speak, my computer. I run Unity 3D, Cheetah 3D and a few other bits of software all at once.


    I feel that the 2.6GHz is the better option but at $2799 with a Retina Display and 15-inch I need some solid opinions or thoughts to go with it.


    So let the ideas begin.


    Thanks in advanced

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