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recently my mouse sometimes has a mind of its own and wants to 'select ' as it sweeps across the screen collecting all before it as if I were left-clicking , and I have to shake it out of it's trance using the trackpad which seems to work, but it is infuriating as it hinders the workflow. I think this has only happened in the last few weeks, I have tried two mouses, same difference.....so I dom't think this is about the mouse and am placing this under Lion forum because I have had one or two issues with Lion, and wondering if this is another.

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    Not a lot to go on from your description. Are you using an Apple magic mouse or some other brand? Is it bluetooth or USB?


    If not the mouse driver itself, it could be some 3rd party s/w conflict. Clear out everything from


     > System Preferences > Users & Groups | Login Items


    then restart the computer.


    After reboot, same problem?

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    Ha, got it - it was a slight kink in the battery that was putting pressure on the trackpad assembly! Changed the battery and no problems now. Thanks for responding Softwater