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I Can't get My Epson R2880 or my HP CP1518ni setup or working on my Airport Extreme.  It sees the HP ptinter and says it's ready but when I send a print it say printer offline. It doesn't even see the Epson printer

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Unfortunately, we don't know if you are trying to connect the printer(s) using USB, wireless, or Ethernet. Can you clarify on that, please?


    If you are trying to use a USB connection, did you remember to install the printer again and "Add" it to establish a new "location" at the AirPort Extreme?   Then, select the correct "location" when you try to print?

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    Thanks, can you answer the other questions, please?

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    Okay Got the HP printer working but I can't find the Epson Printer.  When I ask it to look for printer it gives me Epson TCP/IP and asks for Internet Address or DNS name.  Where do I find this/these and how do I set them for the Epson R2880

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    Check the Epson support site and download any printer driver updates that might be available for your printer.


    Not all printers will work when they are connected to the AirPort Extreme, since the manufacturer(s) may not provide network USB drivers for all of their printers.


    When you click the + button to install the printer at the AirPort Extreme, the name of the printer should appear immediately. If it does not, that indicates that the network USB drivers have not been downloaded, or they are not available from the manfacturer.


    This Apple Support document may provide more information about troubleshooting:




    Also, keep in mind that only the print function is supported at the USB port of the AirPort Extreme. If you have an All-in-One type of device,  you will need to connect it directly to your computer for scan, copy, maintenance functions, etc.