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I'm looking at buying a thunderbolt RAID system and my eye is trained on the Pegasus 4TB RAID system. My plan is two buy it and take out 3 of 4 of the HDs and replace them with my 3 Hitachi 7200rpm 2TB HDs which would give me more capacity. Can I do this? I'm new to RAID and just want to be certain I can swap out the HDs before buying it.

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    You can do whatever you want.  However, (and this is from experience) you will not get any support from Promise once you replace their drives. 

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    Will be a miracle if it works with ther certified drives, I cannot imagine what you can see with other drives....



    good luck!


    No support if you change their original drives but you can put back them in case of a unit failure.


    R4 shoud support any up to 4tb hdd.


    My R4 arrived DOA just to tell you how is serious this company....they assemble and ship, the final test will be at your home with your waste of time for tests and waiting new units .


    I will never buy again from Promise specially at this top prices where you can expect at least a basic quality.

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    At the Promise website, there is a Pegasus hard-drive compatibility list that shows drives they've tested and certified as compatible with the system. The drives theyve certified include a newer Seagate 3TB drive that is fairly reasonably priced. My short experience (3 weeks) with the re-furbished Pegasus I bought at Newegg has been very positive! FAST and so far, reliable.

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    I'd be careful about mixing up different brand drives


    I would only use the drives promise says it supports, which are very few.

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    You'd need to replace all the drives in the RAID with larger ones before you can create a larger array. Make sure you've checked for all the updates inside Promise Utility so that you can use our latest compatibility list in the Download Center at www.promise.com. If you have any more questions, we'd like to discuss them with you over the telephone. Please call us at 408-228-1500.


    Joe Engledow

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    Promise Technology