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So I started iTunes match this past week. I travel for work. I turned on my iPad on the plane (in airplane mode) to listen to music and almost all of my playlists were greyed out and I was unable to use or even view the playlist. The second I got to the hotel and got back on wifi I was able to use those playlists that I couldn't use while on the plane.


Now before you say anything all of the music in the playlists are on my iPad. None of them are in the cloud. I got iTunes match so I could move music and playlists while traveling and now when I need them the most I can't use them.


Anyone have any solutions??


What's really weird is that while all the plane most of my wife's playlists I can view on my iPad and I don't have a single song from her playlists on my iPad. It's all in the cloud. It allows me to view some playlists but not others. When I open those other playlists that I don't have the music downloaded it simply shows 0 songs in playlist....but my playlists that I use and have All the songs downloaded onto my iPad I can't use!!


How do I fix this?

iPad 2, iOS 5