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So I started iTunes match this past week. I travel for work. I turned on my iPad on the plane (in airplane mode) to listen to music and almost all of my playlists were greyed out and I was unable to use or even view the playlist. The second I got to the hotel and got back on wifi I was able to use those playlists that I couldn't use while on the plane.


Now before you say anything all of the music in the playlists are on my iPad. None of them are in the cloud. I got iTunes match so I could move music and playlists while traveling and now when I need them the most I can't use them.


Anyone have any solutions??


What's really weird is that while all the plane most of my wife's playlists I can view on my iPad and I don't have a single song from her playlists on my iPad. It's all in the cloud. It allows me to view some playlists but not others. When I open those other playlists that I don't have the music downloaded it simply shows 0 songs in playlist....but my playlists that I use and have All the songs downloaded onto my iPad I can't use!!


How do I fix this?

iPad 2, iOS 5
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    Same problem here.  On a plane last week, and my favorite playlist was greyed out.  98% of the 380 songs had already been downloaded to the iPad, yet the playlist was greyed out and unavailable for viewing the contents.


    Even once back and on wifi, the playlist was greyed out.  I turned off iCloud in Music and back on and also reconfirmed my password in iCloud.  After a bit, the playlist was available again.  I manually downloaded the remaining few songs that hadn't already downloaded.


    Any clues?  Fortunately, my iPhone (with the same playlist) worked great on the plane, so I had what I wanted, but don't want to be "locked out" from my playlist again.

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    I have looked in every forum I can. No one has been able to help or has an answer.  It works great on my iPhone but not on my iPad. Hopefully this week I will have time to drop into the apple store and see if they can help.

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    This worked for me:



    I unchecked one of the playlists, hit sync, and it started copying 388 songs that were "pending" before, and greyed out.


    After it finished that sync, I rechecked the playlist, sync'd again, and everything was there.

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    Are you using iTunes Match?

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    Had same problem.


    Saw in a forum that someone had rotated their iPAD from portrait to landscape while on playlist screen and it changed which playlists were greyed out. I rotated from landscape to portrait and all greyed out playlists became accessible. Tested in airplane mode to ensure it worked and it did.


    Was charging to a power outlet when I did all of the above. Not sure if it matters...

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    Oddly, the rotation to portrait mode works.  I wasn't plugged in at the time either.


    I'm now updating to iOS 6.  I hope that "bug" is fixed. 

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    ok... what I did was to turn off the option of " itunes match" from the ipad2 settings, and then after doing so, I could be able to download the playlists in an "old fashion" way, meaning, I have the music IN the ipad and not in the cloud, so it is available any place, any time... hope it works for you guys... regards.

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    This fixed the problem for me:


    Settings -> Cellular Data -> Use Cellular Data for: iTunes, toggle to 'On'


    The default is 'Off' and the playlists seem to require a quick sync with iCloud every now and again before they enable themselves.

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    Well, since we are bumping up ancient threads, there are numerous strange issues that will occur when using devices on a plane. This also happens with rentals, despite in theory people are told there should be no issues at all. 


    The problem is that moving time-zones and location-services seem to be the root of most of these glitches. Jet-travel forces these issues to the extreme.

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    If that's the case, wouldn't the playlists be able to do a "quick sync" over wifi?  When not on the road, my iPad, at home, is always on WiFi.  It should be able to do what it needs over WiFi.