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  • eigenv1 Level 1 Level 1

    I got 9 hours working time with my machine yesterday, on battery, doing mainly MS Word, reading Email and a bit of web browsing.  I will be happy with that level of battery life when using the laptop for meetings.  However, unless Apple addresses the battery capacity under graphics intensive work, my suggestion is to keep your new Macbook Pro plugged in if you want more than a few hours of use under battery in those conditions.

  • CardinalPilot Level 1 Level 1

    I was doing about the level of work your you were. Plugged in! But if I unplug it I just get about 4 hours max! For email and Web! Any suggestions anyone?

  • cbrennanau Level 1 Level 1

    Having the same issues on 2 machines now. After a week apple replaced the original machine thinking it was a bad battery.   New machine was experiencing the problem also though.


    Tried the following suggestions from this thread (nbr 3 worked for me)


    Suggestion 1:


    “shut the mac down

    then press the power button

    then straight after you have turned on

    Press Option-Command-P-R until you hear startup sound a second time.

    Then release all keys”


    My Result : no noticeable change


    Suggestion 2:


    “Open Terminal:

    Type the following, hit enter after each line:


    cd ~/Library/Preferences/


    killall Dock”


    My Result : no noticeable change


    Suggestion 3:


    “Apparently, there was a process in Activity Monitor named "bash", which was on top of my CPU usage list.I killed that process, uninstalled an app "send to kindle" and rebooted; I got up to 8 hr battery life. It now works perfectly. It also runs a lot cooler”


    My Result : Dramatically improved battery life 1:30 hrs at 90% battery to 6:05 hrs after reboot. Machine running a LOT cooler than before. 



  • CardinalPilot Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the suggestions, unfortuenetly none of them worked!!!!!!! Any other suggestions?

  • tc47 Level 1 Level 1

    Same issues as you man. I'm just going to live with it as I already exchanged my first one in, and it didn't make a difference. I love the computer otherwise so just gonna have to deal with it I guess. At least I get 3-4 hours....

  • Twin Signals Level 1 Level 1

    A massive gain in battery life for me was from installing gfxCardStatus. It allows you to overide the automatic switching on graphics cards. For normal use the Intel card is fine and uses a lot less battery. Its free, just install and set to intergrated.


    Also if like me you only use blutooth once in a blumoon, then disable it this can add to battery life.

  • tc47 Level 1 Level 1

    This helps so much!!! Everyone, do this! There is a setting in preferences of gfcCardStatus that also chooses Integrated only on battery life, and Dynamic (changing GPU automatically) on power supply; this setting is perfect. My battery life has actually become so much better today becuase I switched on Integrated only in the morning. THank you so much Twin Signals!!!

  • Swittevrouw Level 1 Level 1

    Suggestion 2 fixed for me the problem I did this in combination with an reset of the PRAM

    I did first a reset of the PRAM by following this

    Second I booted into my normal enviroment and followed the instructions below.


    “Open Terminal:

    Type the following, hit enter after each line:


    cd ~/Library/Preferences/


    killall Dock”



    And in my final step I installed gfxCardStatus V2.2.1 and selected integraded only for battery.



    Result: 92% is now giving me 9:22 where as before I could get only max 4h

  • ellbow Level 1 Level 1

    what about me,help

    i have MBP 2012 13' after install ML my battery drop from 6.50hr to 4.30hr at 100% full charge, so problem because i always on MBP average 6hr to i can go home and charge ,apple team please solve as soon as posible.

  • Panzanella Level 1 Level 1

    THANK YOU. This fixed it! Now I'm at 98% with 7 hours, what a sweet change from 98% with 3 hours. When I rebooted I also held down Command+Option+P+R for a few seconds, and that may have helped also.

  • SunnyVampire Level 1 Level 1

    Howdy! Options 1&2 worked like a charm. Make sure you release the keys O-C-P-R after you hear the second App-ring. I'm reading 5+ hrs at 66%. I'm on the top of the line MBP Retina, made me feel like the world is working again! Good Luck

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    Hi All, I am VERY new to Mac, and not sure if anyone will find this helpful or not...


    I just bought my rMBP in September, and had the same 2 hour battery problem.  My first trip to the Apple Store, they ran the terminal commands mentioned here and told me to totally drain the battery, recharge it and I should be good to go.  I did exactly as instructed, but still had only two hours of battery life when I was on campus.


    Again, I am very new to Mac, but I thought perhaps the fact that I have a NAS drive on my home network might be causing it to look for the drive when I was on campus.  So after following their instructions and before heading out I made sure to unmount the network drives and also stopped my Box Sync.  (like DropBox).  Still, when on campus I had only two hours of life.  At this point I had only had the rMBP for a couple of weeks. 


    After a call to tech support, again, I headed back to the Apple Store. Tech support told me that they would make a notation on my account for the store to just replace the battery.  The store did not have a battery, so they replaced the rMBP with a brand new one.  By this time I was taking a charger with me to campus [good thing] the new computer was down more than 50% in one hour!


    Note, that I was NOT runing any programs that should drain the battery that fast!  No video, games or anything of the sort.  Only mail, Safari and Word, screen so dim it gives me a headache, no BlueTooth or any other battery drainers.  I was still unmounting the NAS drive and closing Box Sync before leaving home.  My TimeMachine backup is set to a USB drive that is connected to the NAS drive, but it is set to NOT run when on battery. 


    Finally, this last week I have been shutting the rMBP completely off before I leave home and powering it back on when I get to the campus.  THIS WORKED!  As long as I remember to turn it completely off for the short drive and power it back on once I arive on campus [open network] the battery life is good for the day, but if I forget to shut it down, I better have a power supply ready within two hours!


    I just thought I would offer this suggestion as it worked for me.  I have no idea why really, but I guess I can live with restarting every day.  It has been like learning to use a computer all over again!  I have been a PC user for years.  My last Apple was in 1980!  It didn't even have a hard drive LOL.

  • No1KnowsLOL Level 1 Level 1

    I tried everything mentioned above, and it did not helped. But I found it that app tvmobili used for connecting to my Samsung Tv was draining my battery. I now have 4:40 minutes of batt life on 63% and it was showing 1:54 before killing and uninstalling that app. I hope this we be helpfull to someone. Rgrds..

  • skibum77 Level 1 Level 1

    Why are we all guessing how to fix our brand new laptops and no one at Apple can give us guidance about killing certain apps, etc.


    I just bought a MBP Retina 15, 512, 8gb on 12/28...4 days ago... and I have not held a charge longer than 3 hours.  For $2700, we shouldnt have to guess or collaborate on how to fix our computers when they come "broken" out of the box.  No wonder AAPL is down so much.    I was a fan of Apple until I wasted my money on this sexy paperweight.  Back to the PC for me.... i will be getting a full refund.

  • afurcolin Level 1 Level 1

    I totally adree with you skibum.
    Where is Appe support here?




    I just bought (1day) a new macbook pro and i can get no more than 5hours with 100% charge. I am running 10.8.2.
    I tried option 1 and option 2.
    Does it Make sense to follow option 3 even if the Bash is not using any CPU at all, and if i dont have the send to kindle App.??

    Any other option?


    Apple should adress this issue with the MBP retinas!