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    you should contact Apple care, take more - better recordings and explain your frustration.. The Apple store also turned me away - although they did admit there "might" be a problem, the store genius was not very cooperative or understanding, Apple Care was much more understanding so go for that. Good luck.

  • Fbiryujin Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I tried Apple Care and they told me to go back to the genius bar, and try again.

  • JakeMcCrary Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    MINE HAS THE SAME PROBLEM. The Apple store replaced my fans and the issue is still there. I can only soure it down to the left fan unit.

  • harmsangha Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Man, I don't know how many times I had to tell the Apple "Genius" that the noise was not from the fan.  It's from an electrical component inside the system.  Either the CPU/GPU in a low power state, or a capacitor that is not functioning properly.  He insisted that it couldn't be either because they are not moving parts.  He said trust me it's not a capacitor.  I asked him in return, well what makes the capacitors or other components in this computer so special that they can not possibly be faulty?  To this he had no reply and had to get his manager who eventually replaced the computer with the one I have now which does NOT make any noises.  It seems that whatever noise that a mac makes is assumed by a genius that it is coming from the fans.  Same thing with my sister's iMac which they did the fan replacement for to no avail.  I have built and repaired numerous PC's over the years and only bought this retina macbook for it's beautiful screen.  I hate taking my computer to a mac genius who doesn't take me seriously when I tell them what could actually be the problem.


    To the numerous people who seem to have this problem, take your computer back and don't leave until you get it replaced.  It's not acceptable for you to live with a $3000 laptop that you are not completely satisfied with.  If Apple charges premium prices their customers WILL expect premium products. 

  • Ahzari Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Totally agree with harmsangha.. it is NOT the fan, from my experience with turning on and off the automatic graphics switching i think its the CPU graphics component since the noise stops when automatic graphics switching is turned off (thereby de-activating the Intel 4000 integrated graphics - the culprit).


    This is a very premium computer and it should be perfect, the genius bar is rarely helpful in these matters but you have to keep trying, go to another Apple store or go through Apple Care and complain until they help you. And again, make recordings video/audio whatever you can, it is always helpful to have evidence of your problems.


    What's weird for me is I dont know if I was unlucky to get 2 computers back to back with the same problem, or is this more widespread and some people are just sticking with it/ thinking its normal? I've been lucky to speak to a helpful apple rep at Apple Care regarding this issue, but I've experienced awful customer service from senior Apple Care reps in the recent past and sent in my complaints.. why would I want to return my brand new computer for another one unless there is definitely a problem?? Sometimes they make it seem like we are scheming which is utterly ridiculous - I dont know about you all but I think its a hassle having to return a comp wipe it clean get a new one and re-install everything through time machine... hours and hours of wasted time.

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    By the way for those who contact Apple Care to no avail, let them about this thread, let them know there are many others with this issue that have actually been helped and that this is obviously not a normal problem. If they don't want to help you ask to talk to someone higher or go to the genius bar again with evidence and ask to speak to a manager.


    If this problem occurs within the first 14 days (for me both units had the problem from the start) just return it, dont even try to go through an exchange if its going to be such a hassle; then make another order. Why should you have to deal with anyone telling you there is nothing wrong when you know there really is. Just bad service on Apple's part.

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    Just wanted to let everyone know that I got mine replaced for this issue.  When I called AppleCare, they said that the problem was on record.  I actually played the file from the first post in this thread at the genuis bar.  Anyway, I was told by phone that I had the right to a new product.  You do have that right.  Don't back down.

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    My Retina MBP has started making this noise:



    It has subsided a little since I made the recording, but it is still very much there. Apple support told me to take it to a repair shop (unfortunately no Apple Stores/Genius Bars here in Denmark).

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    Just noticed this problem with my rMBP, 2.6 512 16GB. Tried turning off the automatic graphics switching and the problem persisted for a minute or two, then went away. Turning automatic graphics switching on again caused the problem to appear immediately. My rMBP is beyond 14 days old so anyone have any suggestions?


    I love this laptop so am interested in knowing if this is an actual problem or if it is "normal". I have no problems with the computer otherwise, although it had a problem with a black screen upon log in up until I did the ML update. Apple should still replace the machine, as this is non-repairable, correct?

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    I have the same specs as you as does my gf's machine.. this promblem persists in every configuration of the retina macbook pro.. Apple is just selling a incomplete product, if you go back to Apple and complain enough I am sure you can get your money back since the machine is not working to expectation (and its obvious to prove). I'm not as confident as others on this thread - I don't see a fix for this coming any time soon / if at all..


    Maybe with the release of the 13 inch retina macbook pro Apple will put some effort into trying to fix/figure out the problem. Note I wouldn't waste a second with Apple Care, go straight to the Apple store to voice your complaint, I've learned that over the phone the people on the other side (Apple reps) can be very rude / completely uncaring.

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    Dang, my rMBP is making this exact noise. It just started tonight after having the computer for 2 months. Love the computer but the noise is a deal breaker. I use the computer for school and to write papers, which is nearly impossible with the high-pitched whine. It makes me feel like I am cracked out.... I have apple care, but wonder what I should do since this is obviously a problem that is affecting all of the rMBPs....

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    Apple has become less and less helpful on issues with the rMBP. I would not go through Apple Care anymore - I would take it to the store (with a recorded audio and video clip) and demand to talk to a manager.

  • Spriz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just heard this crazy sound of my new retina mbp, which is just 5 days old.. Might just return it, it's simply and unacceptable sound to me..


    Anybody from Denmark (or another place only with retailers but no Apple store / Genius Baar) got experience in returning it in the Retail store, instead of sending it back?? I ordered it from the Online Apple Store :-)

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    This noise is breaking my brain! I thought maybe I was going strange until I found this thread... (Also a 2.6MHz/16GB)

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    I have the same spec (2.6MHz/16GB) and have just noticed this noise tonight - it's sooo irritating.  I have 2 other same spec'd mbp's at the office I'll test out.  If it's just mine I'm going to take it back for a replacement.  If all 3 make the same noise, what choice do I have but keep it - I couldn't live without my mbp.


    How many of you had a replacement without the noise?

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