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I have both an Ipad and Iphone 4s and would like to print from both, my wireless printer is a Kodak ESP C310 and I don't really want to replace as firstly its new and secondly, to be honest ink is so cheap its really economical to run, is there and update available or planned that allows me to use this printer?

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1
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    printers need drivers to print

    on ios there are no real printer drivers you can install so you can


    1. get a printer which support the generic interface called airprint apple will not update it so printers which don't support the airprint std will work it's up to the printer to support the interface


    2. get an app from app store which let you print to your printer my samsung wifi printer don't support airprint but using the samsung printing app I can print to it just fine


    3. take a look at Netgear Genie it's an app which is suppose to make non airprint printers work it don't require ones wifi router is made by Netgear

    made it work on osx but not win7 because there it require acrobat to be installed

    it works when your computer is on and the netgear genie app is running

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    Look on Kodak's site. They have their own version of Airprint that uses google docs I believe. You e-mail your document to your printer or to a computer hardwired to your printer (which serves as the print server) - you may need to upgrade the firmware on your printer.


    failing that, I have a kodak printer and I use the app 'print n share' and it works fine. A bit slow but works.