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I put my iTunes and Pictures folders under /Users/Shared so that I can sync my library and pictures to both my wife and my iPhones (we have 2 logons).


This is what the permissions are at by default to the /Users/Shared folder


- System - R&W
- wheel - R&W
- everyone - R&W


This is what is set at /Users/Shared/Pictures after I added myself and my wife (nothing else was changed)


- me - R&W
- wife - R&W
- wheel - readonly
- everyone - R&W


However when I add new photos into subfolders of this folder, the permissions are not inherited from Pictures, instead this is what I get:-


- me - R&W
- wheel - readonly
- everyone - readonly


So as you can see the wifes permissions are not their and everyone has changed from R&W to readonly.


I have tried CMD+I and running the setting "Apply to enclosed items".


This seems to fix it but then next time I add another subfolder to /Users/Shared/Pictures the same happens again.


Any ideas? It seems as inheritance isn't working (or not at least how I expect it to)??


Thanks in advance.

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    File permissions are not heritable (except in a limited sense that doesn't help you.) Access-control lists are, but to set those you need to use the shell or a third-party utility such as "TinkerTool System." A simpler way to accomplish what you're trying to do is to put the shared files on an external drive, or a separate partition of the boot drive, and to set the flag to ignore ownership on that volume (it's set by default.) Another option is to put the files on a disk image, but then they won't be backed up by Time Machine except when the image is unmounted.

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    Hmmm, that feels a very limited option..


    Surely others must store their iTunes library for example in the /users/shared area and both people have permissions to update etc..?


    Hope there are some other workable options.  Best take a look at TinkerTool..