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I had no idea that this thing was going to force me to make it a router.  I have to many Microsoft machines at home, and do not want the hassle of reconfiguring my entire network.

Time Capsule
  • Bob Timmons Level 10 (98,149 points)

    If you can connect an Ethernet cable from one of the LAN <-> ports on your wireless router to the Time Capsule, we can tell you how to do what you want in 5 minutes.....if you will post back to let us know what computer you are using to configure the Time Capsule and what operating system it is using.

  • Myrmidonrpg Level 1 (0 points)

    I ended up calling Apple tech support and they told me that the Time Capsule does not support WEP (it's too basic).  I spent over an hour trying to get Verizon to answer the phone and when I finally spoke to a person I was told that Verizon did not support anything more advanced then WEP.


    Another website told me that my router may be old and that is why WEP is unsupported, and I plan on researching this in the near future.

  • Bob Timmons Level 10 (98,149 points)

    My advice, based on experience with this, would be to discard the idea about trying to connect the Time Capsule using wireless only.


    Configured this way, the wireless signal has to make two "hops" when the computer backs up. One from the computer to the router and another from the router to the Time Capsule.  The chances of an error are doubled.


    As you might imagine, backups take much longer this way as well because of the two "hops".


    Simply stated, I would never consider this type of configuration for important data storage.  Configured as I suggest, the Time Capsule will not act as a router. Your decision, though.

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    Current Apple items don't really work well with out-dated technology like WEP. Actually, WEP was already broken at its inception.



    I was told that Verizon did not support anything more advanced then WEP.

    How the **** do these guys keep anything secure like their banking notes? Amazing...

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    The first problem with replacing the router is the coax cable that goes into the Verizon router physically will not fit into the TC.  I'm not sure how I am going to overcome that right now (that is the next project).


    I'm calling Verizon tomorrow (with an hour of wasted time budgeted into my day) to follow up on that WEP thing.  When you look at the millions of people on Fios it doesn't make sense to not have better security.

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    hi i too am trying to setup time machine but have an exixting router..if u can tell me what i need to supply (info)...oit would be geatly appreciated

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    I spoke to Verizon again today.  The tech was extremely helpful (and I only had to wait for 5 minutes to talk to him.  FTW).


    He was running a network at a fire hall that had both Fios and two Time Capsules.  He said that the Verizon wireless will support WPA/WPA2 but some Windows machines will not (no surprise here).  Additonally I cannot replace the Verizon router with the TC because it will screw up the TV signal.


    The plan is to try the TC as a simple wireless hard drive with the WPA security.

  • Bob Timmons Level 10 (98,149 points)

    So, do you need some help tryihg to set this up?

  • HACKINT0SH Level 5 (5,760 points)

    Windows machines will not (no surprise here).

    Well... XP needs at least service pack III just to enable WPA...


    Anyhow, I could have told you that your setup wasn't going to work the way you mentioned. The TC is not a cable-modem, it is a ROUTER. We haven't sold a modem since... I think a decade ago.  What you do is plug an ethernet from the MODEM into the ROUTER.

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    Were u asking me if I would like help?? If so the answer is yes!! I am trying to setup the tc on a lion operated system running a netgear wirelessn router only 10 months old with nas tv etc etc connected to it.. Now. E just purchased the tc and well we don't want t o set it as the router we just wish to use it for backup purposes... How do I set it as just that a capsule and have nothing to do with my wifi?? Thanks

  • HACKINT0SH Level 5 (5,760 points)

    There are a few different ways you can do that depending on your topology. Some better than others.


    You MAY want to join it to your network in (bridge mode), and then manually turn OFF the radio bands. Or, you can try another hack solution and just have an ethernet from your computer connected directly into one of the lan ports on the TC.  And then turn off the radio mode as well.

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    Idont know what i did but i seem to have a green light green light is good isnt it?? LOl i will proceed to check that all things are functioning on my network and fingers crossed all is well... thankyou for your help!! hopefully i wont be bugging any one again!!

  • HACKINT0SH Level 5 (5,760 points)

    Green light (usually is good), except for when you are expecting it to blink amber


    Quick enough to test, just select BACK UP NOW to see what happens.

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    Hit the alt button when selecting wireless encryption mode and the option for WEP should come up on the wireless creation menu, from several call to apple I found this out, only unfortunatly it didnt work on my capsual still waiting for a resolotion as it say clearly on their web site that this device works with multi wirless and encription including WEP.


    Good luck hope you have the option

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